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How do I get started?
To get started as Student / Instructor, you need to create a new account (only if account does not exist). To register click on "Log In To CTE3" then fill in the registration form under the New User link.

Please note: Every student needs a valid license key from their school admin or school instructor.

Who can purchase license keys for students ?
License keys can be purchased by any incharge personnel of the school. To purchase license keys click on Purchase Licenses. On completion of the purchase order, the school personnel will receive license keys through email on his registered email address. Students and Instructors will be able to log in to the CTE3, only after the CTE3 Admin sets up the requested 'School' and 'School Admin' (only if records do not exist).

Please note: Minimum purchase of 20 seats is required, under one order.

How much does it cost?
Each CTE3 license key cost $15.00 (subject to change without notice). The license is valid for one calendar year from date of activation.

How do I retrieve my password ?
Users of the CTE3 system, can retrieve their password from the 'Forgot Password' feature of this website.

Do I have to remember my license key every time I log in to CTE3?
No. CTE3 has an inbuilt intelligence to identity each student's license key, through log in process. Students only need their user credentials (email and password) to login to CTE3.

Are the records deleted, after student's license key expires?
If a student holds an expired / non valid license key, he may not have access to his/her records. However, CTE3 retains all records for indefinite time and these records can be retrieved by the Instructor or School Admin. We suggest students to take prints at all times.