Student Performance Tracking Natef ASE Supported

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Test Drive for Instructors

Instructor login: (Demo only)
E-mail: instructor@acmehighschool.edu
Password: password1

click here to login into the test instructors account

Instructor Features

  1. Login as instructor.
  2. Click on instructor evaluations.
  3. Select work order number.
  4. Click radio buttons using the rubric for each task (view students #'s if completed)
    If the student submitted an inappropriate work order it can be sent back to the student.
  5. Satisfied hit submit.
  6. Select reports.
  7. Hit run query (student emails will show up) % p1, p2, p3 turn green when95%, 85%, 50% when
    all three are green a certificate is emailed for that standard to the student. School's name and
    instructor's name and certificate number are included.
  8. To logout click on the Logout function on the top right of page.
    (If you cut and paste there cannot be any spaces in front of the email address or password.)