Student Performance Tracking Natef ASE Supported

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Test Drive for Students

Student login: (Demo only)
E-mail: student1@acmehighschool.edu
Password: student1

click here to login into the test student account

Select new work order and select instructor (Mike Duff SEMATA) complete a work order by filling out
the required fields.

Student Features:

  1. Click the arrow at the beginning of the standard and all the tasks for that standard will pop up.
    Select a standard by clicking in the box.
  2. When done hit submit at the bottom. ( required fields not filled out will keep the work order
    from leaving the student inbox)
  3. Now select self evaluation and select the work order just submitted.
  4. Rate your performance based on the rubric (optional) and make changes to tasks if necessary
    then submit to instructor.
  5. To logout click on the Logout function on the top right of page.
    (If you cut and paste there cannot be any spaces in front of the email address or password.)